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Our Bolt™Jr+ comes paired with what we consider the most versatile camera for this rig, a Phantom VEO 4K which records 15 fps to 1,000 fps in 4K and up to 2,000 fps in 2K.  It is compact and lightweight which helps the Bolt™ Jr+ make its smoothest movements and sharpest stops.  The VEO records constantly to an internal 72gig buffer,  the images are immediately available for playback and then only the hero section of the shot is saved  A neat thing about the VEO is that it is always recording, you just tell it to cut.  If the VEO isn’t the right camera for your shoot, rentals are available.

Phantom VEO 4K Macro Lens Gnosis

[ Phantom VEO 4K PL mount | Dell Laptop | OWC Express 4M2 4TB Raid | Thunderbolt Pro Doc | 22” Flanders Reference Monitor ]


For tabletop and product photography we have mated the Phantom VEO 4K with 32mm and 65mm Gnosis Macro lenses which focus as down as 1:1, meaning a one inch wide subject will fill the frame.  Our additional lenses are Infinity Mikromak Lenses, 25,40,70mm which shoot at up to 5X magnification with exceptional sharpness and depth of field.  Again, other lenses can always be sourced.

Gnosis Macro Lens Infinity Optics Lens

[ 32mm Gnosis T2.8 Macro | 65mm Gnosis T2.8 Macro | 25mm Mikromak Expander | 40MM Mikromak | 70mm Mikromak | Mikromak RO ]


In our test studio, we have a enough lighting fixtures from Kinoflo, Aputure and Quasar to light up a high speed test or product shot and enough c-stands, apple boxes sandbags and clamps to hold things in place.  Come visit and bring your imagination.


Aputure 600D (1)

Aputure 300D (2)

4' Kinoflo Freestyle (1)

2' Kinoflo Freestyle (1)

2' Quasar Double Rainbow (2)


Regular C-Stands (6)

Short C-Stands (4)

Apple Boxes: Full (6), Half (2),

            Quarter (2), Pancakes (2)

Sandbags (8)

Clamps: Maffer, Cardolini,

               Spring, Duckbills

ROBOT-ROBOT test studio lighting KinoFlo, Quasar, Aputure, grip equipment electrical, appleboxes, C-Stands
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