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I am a highly skilled Director of Photography, Artist and Stills Photographer with decades of experience with high level national clients. My Clients include Apple, Carl's Jr., Food Network, KFC, Chic-Fil-A, Sonic, Pizza Hut, Digiorno's Pizza, Red Robin, Quiznos, Jollibee, Hormel, Land O' Lakes, Starbucks, MacDonalds and a 2022 Super Bowl spot for Botanist Gin.  My primary specialty is shooting projects with food and tabletop elements often employing robotic camera systems to achieve exceptional images. In 2022 I opened my own motion control company, ROBOT-ROBOT, a go anywhere portable turnkey motion control service.




Dennis has expansive knowledge of computers, robots, design software systems, electronics, welding, adhesives and materials working for secret clients who require a NDA and he may have even saved the world once.  For decades Dennis has also been on set beginning in the art department, then special effects, later assisting and operating camera. There is nobody better suited to programming this system.

Steven Moses, Cinematographer, specialist in Robotics, Tabletop, Food, Product cinematogaphy
Dennis, ROBOT-ROBOT'S robotic programmer and operator

Steven Moses and Dennis MacDonald make the ROBOT-ROBOT team.  After working together for a few decades on commercials, music videos and more, we have committed to our favorite work - Motion Control.  Now we’ve got our own rig to explore that unique creative path, mastering the technology inside and out.  When the Bolt Jr+ arrived from the UK, we were delighted to work with Simon Wakley of Camera Control Inc, writer of FLAIR software, as our mentor.


Producers often gasp when MOCO is suggested. We mean to be the antidote to the gasp.  Although we have separate roles, those lines blur as we develop efficient and creative workflows.

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