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Robot-Robot works with the Bolt™ Jr+, Mark Roberts Motion Control’s newest compact high-speed Cinebot. It runs on FLAIR, the industry standard MOCO software for building complex camera motions repeated precisely from glacially slow to insanely high speed.  With a 4' 7" reach maximium height of 9'1", thirty feet of track, all fitting through normal doorways, requiring only single phase 120 volt house power it is equally at home in the studio and on location.  There has never been a more power-

Bolt Jr+ on Track with Phantom VEO 4K

ful portable motion control system.  The Bolt™ Jr+ can easily shoot anywhere from a studio to a factory floor or a home kitchen.  Additionally, we have a MOCO turntable, slider, trigger box, pneumatics, electronics etc. that can be integrated into all manner of precision visual effects from micro to huge.  


Our two person crew can have it set up to shoot with a camera in an hour or less.


We are proudly backed up by Camera Control Inc., our robotics supplier.


Currently ours is the only The Bolt™ Jr+ on the West Coast. 


ROBOT-ROBOT operates out of a small test studio in Redondo Beach which is big enough to shoot tests, small product shoots and remote shoots.  Here we work out our technical plans, assemble gear, rigs, dreams, etc.  We have a modest amount of lighting, grip and effects equipment to combine with your imagination.

Steven Moses, Director of Photography and Dennis Macdonald
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