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Welcome to ROBOT-ROBOT and why you want to rent Motion Control from us

Renting Portable Motion Control Equipment such as our BOLT JR+ in Los Angeles is what

ROBOT-ROBOT is all about. Besides renting a Bolt Jr+ we are a Motion Control Studio in Los Angeles with a Phantom VEO 4K, Lights and Lenses you get a DP and operator who are totally fluent in this system plus, we have a nice little studio. We can shoot economical, possibly free, tests for your treatments or social media.

If you are reading this you are aware, and most likely planning to use one of six basic techniques of Motion Control: Precisely Repeated Motion Control Moves, Controlled Moves, High Speed Motion Control Moves, Scaled Motion Control Moves, Stop Motion Animation Motion Control moves, CGI import and export Motion Control, you get the idea here, we know how to do all this because we have been doing it for…. let’s just say we are very experienced.

Who has the most portable high speed motion control system on the West Coast? We would love to teach you what we know. I will be drilling down on creative uses of before mentioned techniques in future blog posts I promise.

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