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Why Virtual Production?

Unreal Engine, Virtual Production, shooting in a Volume Production is becoming very popular, but, why would you want to use to sell your product? Why would you want to shoot your products in front of what is essentially a giant TV? Unreal Engine has some innovative, creative and potentially cost effective applications to product shooting. UE is especially effective and useful on reflective as well as transparent or translucent products as it really puts the product in the environment with all the right reflections and see throughs, effects that are time consuming, expensive and unpredictable when shooting with green screen. Here is a UE test where we simulating 360 degree moves around a bottle of Rum in two different exotic locations. In both cases we were in the ROBOT-ROBOT test studio with a 65" TV as a background used as a Volume. In our test we also incorporated a turntable with our Bolt Jr+ to make the moves look like we going full circle, that is our trickery. You can see the environment through the bottle as well as all the right reflections on the surface of the turntable and bottle. If you watch this demo half way through you will get a peak behind the UE curtain. Special thank you to Camera Control in Los Angeles.

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